New “Wild Card” light options for V1 or V2

On the big trucks, there are plenty of lighting options for getting the job done, but on the small trucks, where the bulk of the lighting inventory often comes into play, a single light may make a difference.  A universal fundamental rule of Equipment Package Truck rentals has always been no substitutions or modifications; a principle that is not without good reason.  Switching around gear on a package truck creates expenses in, labour and expanded inventory, and can easily lead to mistakes by warehouse personnel and drivers.

At AE we have always had a reputation for breaking the rules, so why not do it with this matter.  So from hereon when renting V1 or V2 package trucks we will give the customer the option to add one Wild Card item with a nominal additional charge of $100/day.  Obviously we have to put some boundaries on what we can offer up, therefore the selection must be from the list below.  Furthermore, if on the day the request is made, your pick is not available, you may have to make an alternate choice, because we cannot sub-rent at that rate.  Finally, it should not need to be said, but there will be no credit offered if your Wild Card choice is not available.


Wild Card Options:

Skypanel S60 

Arri M18 

Arri M8 

K5600 Joker 1600 Lensless

K5600 Joker 800 

K5600 Joker 400 

Kinoflo Freestyle 21 

Kinoflo Freestyle 31 

Litegear Lite Mat Plus 4 

Litegear Lite Mat Plus 3 

Desisti/Strand 4K par