Affiliated Equipment Inc. is pleased to offer the most  popular expendable products on all package trucks for your convenience. For those concerned with shrinkage on unsupervised gel and ditty carts, be assured that our drivers will only distribute expendables as per your Production Managers instructions and nothing will leave the truck without recording the name of the person making the request.

If a package truck isn’t in your plans for your shoot, feel free to contact you sales representative to place an expendables order to be loaded in the cage along with your package.

 For a complete list of all “Wee Bee” Expendables available In-House click here.

 For a list of Expendables w/quantities  available on Truck  AE4 click here.

For a list of Expendables w/quantities available on Trucks AE1, AE2 & T5 click here.

For a list of Expendables w/quantities available on Trucks V2 & AE3 click here.


Wee Bee Expendables includes the most popular assortment of:

– Black & White Sash

– Rosco Gel Rolls & Sheets

– Foamcore & Showcard

– Styrofoam 48x96x2″

– Blackwrap & Trace Paper

– Tar Paper 24′ Rolls

– Duveteyne 5 & 10 Foot Sheets

– Various Tape

– Wood products (Plywood, Shims, Dimensional Lumber: 1×3)

– Miscellaneous Items such as: Clothes Pins, Screws & Mirror Tile.




Utility Knives, Scrapers, Blades, & More

AND Workright High Dexterity Gloves