Maximum package flat rate: $650 per day.

Truck rental: $50 per day.

Driver: $280 for 10 hours, $42.00/Hour thereafter.

Driver/Swing: $400 for 10 hours and $80/hour after 10hrs.

No Meal penalty, No Turnaround, never exceed time and one half.


If you require any additional information please call or email John Sebert or Jason Stangl at 416-869-3330.

Complete truck package details are available for download here.

Low-cost productions are a reality for all production companies. The cost of 10-ton package trucks and the drivers required to operate them is often greater than the budget themselves, and the only solution is to rent gear ala carte. This becomes less than ideal once pickups, drop-offs, cube van rental and the Production Assistant(s) required for minimally 3 days, are factored in. The equipment itself is piled into the cube making it inefficient for crew to handle which often results in unnecessary damage and creates more work for all involved.

In an effort to eradicate this inconvenience and provide an affordable solution, AE is introducing the Video Cube; a package truck equipped with the necessary gear for your low-cost production, conveniently loaded into a cube van. At $650/day, the truck boasts a combination of Tungsten, HMI and Kino Flo lights, with a variety of stands, grids, flags and gripware arranged onto rolling carts. In addition, it includes, mirror board, reflector board, 12’x12’ frame, dolly track and speed wheels. Simply put, the Video Cube offers more gear than is usually ordered for smaller projects at a very reasonable price.