L&G package flat:

Truck rental:                        $145/day + fuel

Generators are add-ons: Rent for $150/each
$35/hr for the first 10 hours, 1.5x/hr thereafter


$45/hr for the first 10 hours, 2x/hr thereafter

There are no Triple Time Rates

DVR/EQ MGR/GEN OP must be from AE’s Approved list, and will charge you directly

*See OUR PRICING. The best way to save on your production


If you require any additional information please call or email John Sebert or Jason Stangl at 416-869-3330.

– Complete truck package details are available for download here.

– Wee Bee expendable list for V2 available for download here.

– Truck Dimensions here.




Panel vans and cube vans don’t have the capacity to fit a respectable light and grip package and the standard 10-ton package truck is often too big or too expensive for many jobs. We believe we have come up with the happy medium that is going to be just right.

With an automatic G-class (saving you on driver’s rates) Peterbilt 330 chassis (with eco-friendly air cleaning system), we added a lightweight aluminum 20-foot box, with aluminum belly bins and tailgate.  This allows for a maximum payload of the most current and green lighting package that features: K5600 Joker 200,400, 800 and 1600, and Kinoflo Freestyle 21 and 31, Aputure 600C, LiteMat Plus3, and Arri SkyPanel S60. Additionally, a M40 HMI for those times when you need the extra punch. And finally, an assortment of traditional tungsten lighting ranging from 150W to 650W. For your power needs, the truck also comes with 2 x Honda 7,000 watt generators (Generators are add-ons:  $150 per generator). To complete the package, we have added all new Matthews stands and grip gear, Filmair dolly track, and there is still plenty of room and capacity to throw on some additionals.

SkyPanel Chimeras are pay-as-you-play.

SPECIAL rate with Package Truck (upon prior request, kits do not live on Trucks) One Titan 8 Tube Kit including: tablet & transmitter, only $250 per day.

UPDATED:  March 6th. 2024