Maximum package flat rate: $2950 per day.

Truck rental: $175 per day.

Generator rate: $750 per day + fuel.

* All Affiliated Equipment package truck driver rates are the regular $40 for the first ten hours and double every hour thereafter. There are no triple time rates.


If you require any additional information please call or email John Sebert or Jason Stangl at 416-869-3330.

– Complete truck package details are available for download here.

– Wee Bee Expendable list for T5 available for download here.

– Truck Dimensions here.


While AE is a significant shareholder and the operator of the T5 truck, its ownership is in The T5 Syndicate, a corporation held by multiple companies and individuals from the television commercial production community.  Intended as a location truck, it is a little more compact then AE’s large trucks, making it more manageable and maneuverable in tight spots.  Despite its demure exterior it packs a full compliment of the most requested lighting including: Arrimax 18K, Arri M Series HMI’s, KinoFlo Freestyles, K5600 Joker 2, and Arri SkyPanel 30’s/60’s/120’s.