Garbage Bin

Since moving to Plastics Ave. we have been asked on numerous occasions if we accept production garbage. Every two weeks our shop garbage and recycling bins are emptied and rarely are they full. We pay the same amount to dump air as trash, but rather than substitute for smaller bins we will try to do something with our extra capacity. As an experiment we will begin taking on production garbage in an attempt to determine if effort in policing it is worthwhile. Hopefully, except for the busiest of times we won’t require extra lifts so we can pass the savings on to you.


$3.75/bag garbage (not leaking)
$3.00/bag recycling (in a clear bag with no contamination)

To book your overnight bin or for more info, please contact Bob Allward who is your one-stop contact for garbage, parking and cage access:


From our days down on Eastern Ave., we have learned that some P.A’s aren’t too concerned with the mess they leave for others to clean up, so the following rules will be strictly enforced:

1. During business hour you must get an AE employee to assist you in loading trash directly in the big bins.

2. After hours you must arrange to have a key left in your cage for one or more of our job dedicated yellow SOS bins.

3. Any garbage left outside of the bin, in the lot or the building will be charged at $10/item.

4. Any debris swept into the parking lot from a truck will be charged at $20.

5. Leaking bags in the over night bins will be charged a $10 cleaning fee.

6. Sheet goods as Styrofoam or foam core must be cut (not broken as it makes a mess) into pieces no larger than 2.5’ x 2.5’.

7. Contaminated recycling (containing anything that is not normally considered recycling as food cloth or wood) will be thrown into the garbage, at $3.75/bag; as we will not sort your garbage and our waste company charges a $25 fine for contaminated recycling.


We said it and we did it!

Over and above the First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher that reside on each Package Truck, we now carry a Fire Extinguisher Kit containing 2 x 5lb ABC extinguishers and an Ontario Certified 16-200 Person First Aid kit that production may use on set.

These kits are absolutely free of charge if used for emergency purposes.


Does it get your goad that on every freakin job you find yourself buying tar paper, duvetyne, craft paper, tape, etc. and come the next job it’s nowhere to be found? Likely, your problem is that you don’t have practical storage at your offices.

AE may be back in the expendable business, but it is not our intention to prey on your lack of space or to continually sell you the same stuff you just bought. To that end, for our regular customers, we have set up these “Euro wire security trucks” complete with up to 4 bins and a lock, that you may toss your purchased production supplies in for storage. *Additionally, because Brian Fletcher – Production Manager extraordinaire requested it, we went out and bought clear bins which cost us twice as much so that he can see what’s inside without having to take the top off.

We will store these locked carts in our warehouse and when you have a job we will roll it into your cage. Take the whole cart or only what you want, it makes no difference because it doesn’t cost you anything. The cart remains the property of AE but there is no daily rental rate and there are no storage fees. We guarantee, nothing will be added or removed from these carts unless you tell us to.

Coming Soon – Serious Pain Relief!

What’s more, it must really piss you off that you are paying big bucks to rent ditty carts that are being ransacked by everyone on set. It’s like putting a fully stocked hospitality fridge in an alcoholic’s hotel room! That’s just painful.

Currently the bulk of the expendables you require are available on all our package trucks and we will soon be extending that list of items to include all the most popular items. In the process, we will also endeavor to provide reasonably sized portions so that you are not paying for 72ft of tarpaper when you only need 12. That means you will no longer need to rent a ditty cart when you have a package truck. More importantly, it means you not only save on rental fees but our driver’s of the package trucks will help police your expenditures by providing a list showing exactly who requested all purchases and what they took.

How we’re helping you:

– Free Production Supply Cart for purchased items

– Free Storage of Production Supply Cart

– We’re extending our Expendables on Trucks so you don’t need to rent Carts

– We’re policing the Expendable sales.

– We will sell you reasonably sized portions.



Not only do we have the lowest daily rate on fantastic new blue 10’x10’ pop-up tents, but that daily rate drops even further when you rent multiple tents.

Rent 1 tent @ $45.00 Per day.

Rent 2 tents @$42.50 each Per day.

Rent 3 tents @ $40.00 each Per day.

Rent 4 tents or more @ $37.50 each Per day.

Contact your sales rep to help you count your pennies.

*We found these tents a bit awkward to move around the shop, so we banged some boxes together and affixed them to carts.
You have probably experienced the same predicament, so these carts will be available for you to use on set at no additional charge!