Gel Bins

In the past, you would have already paid $150 to $420 per roll of gels and diffusions only to have your supplier offer a gel cart (usually rented) supplemented with fresh rolls which they would only charge you for if opened.

Good guys right?

Hell no! They knew very well that it is human nature to grab the fresh role, just in case they run short.  So in no time you’d be stuck with $10,000 of partially used rolls.

At AE we have fabricated dedicated bins (your stuff stays in the bin), with your name on it, and only ever your previously purchased expendables in it.  The bins can be rolled into the cage at the start of the job, and returned for storage at the end, with no charges and/or fees for the bin, handcart, strap, or service.

Yes, we still sell expendables from the truck, however not until such time as your existing stock has been checked and exhausted.