Maximum package flat rate: $1995 per day.

Truck rental: $150 per day.

Generator rate: $500 per day + fuel.

* All Affiliated Equipment package truck driver rates are the regular $40 for the first ten hours and double every hour thereafter. There are no triple time rates.


If you require any additional information please call or email John Sebert or Jason Stangl at 416-869-3330.

– Complete truck package details are available for download here.

– Wee Bee Expendables list for AE3 available for download here.

– Truck Dimensions here.


The AE3 ECO-LIGHT Truck is best described as the Momma Bear of package trucks; not too big, not too small, hopefully just right for your medium sized location shoots. It features the Arri M Series lighting including: 2xM8, 2xM18, 2xM40, and a M90. For those needing tungsten it also has an assortment of lampheads from 150 to 5000 watts. What’s more, as an added bonus, we have included 2x Arri SkyPanel S60’s and 2x Kinoflo Freestyle 31’s, and an assortment of other LED lights.

The ECO in Eco-light proudly stands for both Ecological and Economical. These days many productions are burning too much diesel with oversized generators that are often running a negligible load.  This truck comes with an efficient 500AMP Lite-Power generator and is one of the few package trucks out there with a Diesel Exhaust Fluid system.

The AE3 ECO-LIGHT is very economically priced. If you need the M90 and the M40’s you may as well take the AE3 ECO-LIGHT truck with all its lights, stands, cable and grip gear, because the after discount daily rental of those three lights is what we put the entire package out for.