L&G package flat:

Truck rental:                $195/day + fuel

Generator rate:                    $750/day + fuel

Driver:  $42/hr for the first 10 hours, 2x/hr thereafter

There are no Triple Time Rates

DVR/EQ MGR/GEN OP must be from AE’s Approved list, and will charge you directly

*See OUR PRICING. The best way to save on your production


If you require any additional information please call or email John Sebert or Jason Stangl at 416-869-3330.

– Complete truck package details are available for download here.

– Wee Bee Expendable list for AE1 available for download here.

– Truck Dimensions here.             





Just as our original package trucks set the standard for the television commercial production industry some twenty years ago, the new AE1 and AE2 offer today’s best technology in lighting, including Arri M series HMIs with highspeed Power Gems ballasts, Mole Twelvers and Tungsten LEDs and Kinoflo Freestyle 31’s and Arri SkyPanel S60’s.

Equipped with a compact Lite Power 1100 AMP generator means the extra space and capacity allows for more Matthews stands, as well as, a broad complement of  cable, distribution, and grip equipment.  All of which is accessible from oversized side bins with fire engine style rollup doors designed to save backs while speeding up setup and wrap.

SkyPanel Chimeras are pay-as-you-play.

UPDATED:  Aug 25. 2021