4 x 4 Generator – Pop-Up Power

4×4 Genny Daily Rate:      $850/day + Fuel

Operator:  $45/hr for the first 10 hours, 2x/hr thereafter

There are no Triple Time Rates

Driver/Genny Op must be from AE’s Approved list, and will charge you directly


If you require any additional information please call or email John Sebert or Jason Stangl at 416-869-3330.

Grounding/Distro Included

AE’s all new 4 X 4 Generator is the solution to your basecamp and portable power needs. Featuring a whisper-quiet 500/AMP Lite Power generator (rated to 70-85db) with the included grounding and 175 amp disco packages, you can bring the power to you for wherever your needs are. With a 100 gallon fuel tank this generator will outlast most other similar models out there, reducing the need to have the generator disconnect to refuel end of day.

The 4 X 4’s off-road capabilities, combined with a custom low-profile generator to reduce the height of the vehicle allows this one to go into areas that no other generator dare go. 

This truck comes with its own Driver/Genny Op. who will never go above double time in overtime. This vehicle also comes with its own Diesel Exhaust Fluid system to keep your set Eco-Friendly. 




UPDATED:  Jan 08. 2021