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Affiliated Equipment is proud of its 25-year history of service to the many Commercial Television Production and Music Video companies operating on all sizes of productions in Toronto. Our goal here at Affiliated Equipment is to be aware of the needs of our customers whatever the situation may call for. Whether you are looking for a camera package, a studio or location shoot package truck, or any variety of specialty products required to make your shoot a success, we hope our website will help you find what you’re looking for. If, on the very outside chance you don’t see what you need, please give us a call and speak to any one of us. After 25 years, you’d be surprised to find what we have to offer. Besides, knowing what you need is our business so we’re always ready to listen.






What’s New at Affiliated:



Didn’t See It, Didn’t Read It, Didn’t Think About It
There’s a new studio in town, run by some nice people, who asked if we could help get their name out there.

That led to this flyer that you may have seen circulating but, because you are continually besieged with other ads and promotions probably paid it little heed.  At a glance you may say big deal 20% off I already get more than that anyway.  It may have helped if it said an additional 20% off all AE equipment rentals, but probably not.

So, before missing out on a better than Boxing Day sale let us offer some illustration
A package truck that would normally cost $2995/day becomes $2396/day
Additional L&G as a SkyPanel 360 that after discount is $1000/day becomes $800/day
A Mini LF in a Combo that is $1469/day becomes $1175
K35 lenses that in a package that are $2100/day become $1680

That is $1513, on just four items, that stays in your pocket.

Coupled with the 20% studio discount it is not inconceivable that you will save thousands per day with this promotion. 

TLS Canon FD Lenses

14, 20, 24, 28, 35 (T2.1), 35 (T1.5), 45, 55, 85, 100, & 135 mm

$265/day (A la carte)
$1800/day (8 Lens Set)  $200/day ea. addl. (w/ 8 Lens Set)


$295/day (A la carte)
Special price with large package truck (AE 1/2/4/T5)
$195/day (max. two per job at this rate/subject to availability)


We Strive to be the First to Bring You the Best:
The New Honda EU3200i

At 59.5 lbs it is slightly larger than the 2200i, but will output a continuous 21.7 amps (vs 15 with a 2200i) enabling you to practically use both AC receptacles at the same time, or reliably power larger lights as an ARRI M1800.

$125/day (three days per week max.)

ARRI ALEXA 35 Camera Now In Stock:

$2520/Day (A la Carte)
$1800/Day (w/ AE Cam Pkg)


A Case of Avoiding Mistaken Identity:


A light is no longer just a light, it is a system, with a plethora of accessories that may include, a Fresnel lens, other lenses or projectors of varying degrees, DMX cables, battery adapter, different yolks, transmitter, road case, hard grids, soft grids, assorted light banks, etc. 

The dilemma arises with each rental company independently determining what accessories they are going to include with their fixtures, usually resulting in no uniformity between providers.  Crew get confused, and at times may simply forget to order the accessories that they may require.

Our problem is that none of these additional bits and pieces are cheap.  As well there just isn’t enough shelf space on a package truck to house every accessory that could be used, nor the time for a driver to check in all the bits at the day’s end.  Nevertheless, these days light banks and soft grids most often, but not always, go out as extras, with LED lights that are on the trucks.  To avoid an unnecessary expense to you, and to allow us to constantly stay on top of maintenance of these extremely fragile items, we have elected to provide a case stuffed with an assortment of commonly used snap bags and soft grids, with (but not on) every large package truck, at as special pay as you play discounted rate 

Here’s how it works:  A case with two each snap bags and EZ Pop grids for Kinoflo Freestyle 21 and 31, plus two EZ Pop grids for Arri SkyPanel S60 will be put in your cage, for every job that rents AE1, AE2, AE3, AE4, or T5.  Each item is individually sealed and when returned you will only be charged for items used, at a special rate of $25/day/item.  Just for reference, if you rented all this stuff a la carte, it the cost would come to $461/day (after a 50% discount) but, should you use everything supplied in the case, the charge would be $250/day.


Every Obstacle Needs a Bridge:

The Lightbridge CRLS C-Drive Kit contains the following:

  • 1 – 7×7 cm Cine Reflector Diff 1 – 4 + Sleeves
  • 1 – 15×15 cm Cine Reflector Diff 1 – 4 + Sleeves
  • 1 – 25×25 cm Cine Reflector Diff 1 – 4 + Sleeves
  • 1 – 50×50 cm Cine Reflector Diff 1 – 4 + Sleeves

$315/day (A la Carte)
$225/day (w/ Truck or Show Package)


An All-In-One (Affordable, All Full Frame,
Vintage Look, TLS Rehoused) Lens Solution



Vintage Kowa FF Lenses (Ancient Optics/TLS):

Vintage Kowa FF lenses are extremely rare and unique…Not to be confused with their S35 Cine Prominar cousins. Originally made for a leaf shutter SLR from 1968-1974, these Kowa lenses hid in the shadows for decades.

This glass has a lovely gold and purple flare. They are all sharp in the center with a gentle focus fall off to the corners. Bokeh is soft, pleasant, and circular at all stops thanks to the 14-blade iris. The brilliant engineers at TLS also improved the minimum close focus distance on every focal length. Each lens from 19mm to 200mm safely covers Arri Alexa LF open gate sensors without vignette. The lenses have rock solid TLS cam systems, 110mm fronts, 300-degree focus rotation, and standard 0.8 focus and iris gears.

T4(19mm ), T3.6(28mm), T2.9(35mm), T1.9(50mm), T3.6(100mm), T4(135mm), T4(200mm)

$1092/day (Lenses Only)
$936/day (w/ AE Camera Package)


DMX for Plus LiteMats with LiteDimmer Plus DC200 DMX, Duo:



When the “Plus” series of Lite Mats were introduced, at times it became an issue that they were without a digital communication protocol.  The Duo LiteDimmer has an integrated wireless radio that acts as both a transmitter and a receiver that provides DMX control for “Plus” Litemats.

$126/day (A la Carte)
$90/day (w/ Truck or Show Package)

Size Matters:
LIGHTTOOLs Egg Crate Grids

While not every day, we do from time to time get requests for egg crate grids in sizes what we neither own, nor can easily procure.  So, we have acquired, from our friends at LIGHTTOOLS an assortment of oddball sizes that will be here, on the shelf when you need them.

30° Grid for Butterfly & Overhead 4’x4′
50° Grid for Butterfly & Overhead 4’x4′
50° Grid for Butterfly & Overhead 4’x8′
50° Grid for Butterfly & Overhead 6’x6′
50° Grid for Butterfly & Overhead 8’x8′
50° Grid for Butterfly & Overhead 12’x20′
50° Grid for Butterfly & Overhead 20’x20′


Dressed To The Nines: Matthews VEEBOXX with LIGHTTOOLS 40° ezPOP for Titan Tubes


VeeBoxx kit is a new, portable soft box enclosure that works with The Claw to quickly transform the Astera Titan tube into a diffused lighting source.

Kit Includes:

  • Three (3) removable front panel diffusion options: Voodoo Cloth, 1/2 Grid (Lite), and 1/4 Grid
  • Reflective silver interior maximizes light output
  • Black Rip-stop body prevents light loss
  • Rear zipper opening runs length of body, allows for offset mounting and access to tube controls
  • Small rag bag and The Claw for complete mounting system

VeeBoxx kit:
$42/day (A la Carte)
$30/day (w/ Truck or Show Package)

(A la Carte)
(w/ Truck or Show Package)


Wag Flags 101:

They were being requested, but we didn’t know what they were so we ordered some to see for ourselves:


  • Perfect for confined spaces, homes, and areas where it is difficult to build a complete overhead frame
  • Quick build and the ability to unravel the amount of material needed to cover the space
    (i.e. user is not forced to build a full 8’ x 8’ frame for a smaller area)
  • Used as a quick teaser or cutter
  • 6’ or 8’ Military grade 304 stainless steel frame
  • Each kit contains 2 frames (6’ or 8’) and sewn materials including 1 x Black Ripstop, 1 x Silent ¼ Grid, 1 x Black Commando Cloth.

6’ Kit:
$63/day (A la Carte)
(w/ Truck or Show Package)

 8’ Kit:
(a La Carte)
$50/day (w/ Truck or Show Package)

Looking for Love: The Arri Orbiter



ARRI thought that the Orbiter, “an ultra-bright, and directional LED fixture” would be an become an instant lighting staple and not a specialty item that infrequently goes out.  Up to now, at least for us, that has not been the case.  So, why is this intriguing, and seemingly versatile lighting system, sitting on the shelf collecting dust?

Perhaps it is the cost; a P.M. told us that he was quoted a price of $800/day, no discount.

Fortunately, on any day a customer takes a package truck, we are content enough that we can cut you a break on an Orbiter, or even two, making them affordable for you to try and evaluate.

$466/day (A la Carte)
$250/day (w/ Truck or Show Package)


Combos Simplified:

If you are just after odds and sods our prices and gear are pretty well comparable to the competition, but our main thrust has always been toward Equipment Package Trucks, with Generator, in combination with Complete Camera Packages. AE’s Combo Pricing was first conceived shortly after camera went all digital, as it was foreseeable and inevitable that anyone could, and it seems now everyone is, in the camera and lens, ownership and rental business. Although our rationale for creating Combos was to provide an incentive that would keep AE camera packages going out the door, the way they were structured, where we knocked a few dollars off multiple items including, Package Trucks, Generator, Camera Body, Prime Lenses, and Camera Accessories, it has not always proved clear to customers what they were actually saving. So, because it is AE camera gear that we are actually trying to keep busy we have taken all those smidgeons and applied them only to the rental price of our camera bodies when used in a Combo.

From here on, if you rent an AE Equipment Package Truck with an AE Camera Package (Camera Body, Set of Prime Lenses, Support, and Accessories) the ARRI Alexa Mini or ARRI LF (not Mini LF) Camera Body rate (one body/job) will only cost $667/day.

ARRI Alexa Mini/LF: $667/day


Canon K35 Set Extended Set of 7: 

18, 24, 28, 35, 50, 85, 135mm

Rehoused by TLS!

$2450/day (Lenses Only)
(w/ AE Camera Package)


Litemat Spectrum 2L & 4:

Because a light nowadays has to do mostly everything, LiteGear has come out with an RBG colour line called Spectrum. Claiming to be 14% brighter than the competition, this light-weight, ultra-thin LED light fixture is now available at AE in the 2L and 4 formats

Litemat Spectrum 4:
$280/day (A la Carte)
$200/day (w/ Truck or Show Package)

Litemat Spectrum 2L:
$210/day (A la Carte)
$150/day (w/ Truck or Show Package)

Full Technical Specs: Spectrum 4 / Spectrum 2L


Get To Know The Artist Behind Our Artwork:

With our latest commission being so popular, we think its time you get to know the artist behind the images!





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