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The Prime Directive

The Prime Directive is the guiding principle of Affiliated Equipment’s Camera Department that demands AE personnel keep sought-after prime lenses on hand and available at reasonable rates to Television Commercial Production Companies.

We have all noticed that increasingly there has been a demand for the fancy lenses; those $250,000 to $350,000 sets of Master Primes and Leica Summilux lenses that production people are confident that they must have. Everyone is happy when they get the AE set of Master Primes priced into the package at $1200/day; however not so much when we have to sub-rent at $1680/day. Should they come from a supplier who has them on consignment or doesn’t discount at $2400/day, it gets plain nasty. READ MORE


Is 2K OK?

The Arri Alexa Classic camera seems to be coming close to the end of its viable lifespan.  At some point they may end up on the top shelf with the 35mm film cameras, but for those projects where a 2K camera will get the job done, we have reduced the price for a full camera package (based on Quick Pay Discount) with Zeiss T1.3 lenses to $1440/day and with S4 or Ultra-Prime lenses to $1950/day.  At these rates if you subtracted out the lenses and accessories the amount you are paying for the camera body is $218.


Welcome to our website!

Affiliated Equipment is proud of its 20-year history of service to the many Commercial Television Production and Music Video companies operating on all sizes of productions in Toronto. Our goal here at Affiliated Equipment is to be aware of the needs of our customers whatever the situation may call for. Whether you are looking for a camera package, a studio or location shoot package truck, or any variety of specialty products required to make your shoot a success, we hope our website will help you find what you’re looking for. If, on the very outside chance you don’t see what you need, please give us a call and speak to any one of us. After 20 years, you’d be surprised to find what we have to offer. Besides, knowing what you need is our business so we’re always ready to listen.