Twenty years ago if you had square wave ballasts (vs. magnetic ballasts) for your HMI lights there was a small window where that was a big deal, something to advertise and a selling point for your package truck.  Within a few years everybody had switched over to square wave ballasts, it was no longer worth mentioning and everyone just assumed that that when you ordered an HMI truck it just came with square wave ballasts.

The same is now true with regards to High Speed Ballasts; their 15 minutes of fame has come and gone.  This is because when you buy any ballast from Power Gems, you have no choice, they are all High Speed, whether you want it or not.

Consequently, on our new trucks AE 1 and AE2 all the ballasts are high speed, and AE4 that has been undergoing a freshen-up is also completely high speed.  So, next time you fret about needing a High Speed Truck don’t worry, we have got you covered and more importantly you won’t pay any premium for it.

To sum up, we could try to impress you with a big announcement of “NEW High Speed Trucks”, but that would be like bragging that our trucks have seat belts.

Gel Bins




In the past, you would have already paid $150 to $420 per roll of gels and diffusions only to have your supplier offer a gel cart (usually rented) supplemented with fresh rolls which they would only charge you for if …READ MORE

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